Ensiz is an innovative tech disruption solutions provider having offices in Brisbane, Australia and Colombo, Sri Lanka. Inspired by creativity and driven by innovation their mission is to research unseen possibilities, make unique approaches in technology, developing and offering solutions while committing to their customers. Vision is to become the leading state-of-art products and solutions provider in Business and Technology to make a positive human lifestyle.

Year of Incorporation 2012
Vertical Focuses Networking and Telecommunications, Transportaion, home Automation, Food & Lifestyle, Industrial Systems, IOT, Banking & Finance
Horizontal Focuses Disruptive Technology Solutions, Game Development , IoT Product Development, Startup Formation

• Cloud System & App Development
• IOT Software Systems Development
• Mobile Game Developments
• All-in-one Startup Team Services
• Tech Disruption Consultancy

Current Markets Served Australia, United States, Sri Lanka
Flagship Clients

• 3Play Networks PTY Ltd. (AU)
• TXT4Coffee PTY Ltd. (AU)
• Vlife PTY Ltd. (AU)
• Family Wealth Managers PTY Ltd. (AU)
• Rellim Studios PTY Ltd. (AU)
• Outsourced Australia PTY Ltd. (AU)
• CMM Technology PTy Ltd. (AU)
• Safetcom PTY Ltd, (AU)
• The Too hard Basket (AU)
• Cofounda PTY Ltd. (AU)