Sri Lanka has once again been recognised by Gartner as a leading offshore location in the Asia/Pacific region. The report has rated Sri Lanka as ‘Good’, resulting in an overall improvement from 0.8 points to 2.0 under Gartner’s rating system.

In fact, Sri Lanka has been featured as a leading offshore location in the APAC report since 2010 and has been maintaining a ‘fair’ rating through the years but significantly this year, Gartner has recognised the many development initiatives that have taken place in the Sri Lankan industry environment. These include developments in areas such as language, infrastructure, educational system, cost, political and economic environment, cultural compatibility, global and legal maturity as well as data/IP security and privacy.

Sri Lanka has been rated higher than some other regional countries such as Bangladesh, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand and Philippines for maturity and sustainability and second only to the Philippines for resources and skills. Sri Lanka has been recommended for FAO, application development on web, cloud or mobility solutions and captive application development or support centers.

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