“Sri Lankans are known to be strong program and relationship managers and are able to handle complex, differentiated tasks rather than just routine processes” – ATKEARNEY

Soft Factors

“When choosing a team to work with me for the future, I took my time in understanding the most important factor affecting long-term business relationships – the culture. After working with outsourcing in the USA, my own company in Norway and the UK, and again outsourcing to the Ukraine and then India, I found that highly technical personnel are available everywhere. The technical level is not what we really need to worry about. It’s the culture, attitudes, language and what the people are made of. After many years of working with outsourcing, I settled in Sri Lanka as I found everything I had been looking for. I am very happy to see that this country has raised the bar in terms of quality considerably during the last 5 years and the people here really want to do a good job”.

Stein Inge Haaland, Chairman of the Board/Styrets Leder at Embla Software

Sri Lankans are renowned the world over for being friendly, highly productive, creative, and adapting very fast to different cultures and environments. This results in easy integration to operating units of companies in other countries.

Language Skills

The country produces close to 400,000 English Speaking IT Literate individuals per year – ATKEARNEY

English is widely spoken in urban cities and is commonly used for education, business and commercial purposes. The fact that the current Toastmasters World Champion of Public Speaking is a Sri Lankan is testimony to that fact.

Sri Lankans are also comparatively better communicators (both written and verbal) and many Westerners would agree to the fact that the ‘English accent’ used by Sri Lankans is comparatively easier to understand than those of other countries in the region.


Attrition is a term that is quite frequently used in the IT BPM industries. Sri Lanka’s IT industry attrition levels are consistently below 20% and is very low compared to most other Asian destinations. This portrays a sense of stability and permanence for those looking to invest in Sri Lanka.