The Industry Knowledge Enhancement program conducted under the Industry Development Program of ICTA has the 3 following objectives

  • To provide an opportunity for the IT and BPO industry to build capacity in priority areas which are common for all
  • To introduce new technology through Internationally recognized training programs at an affordable cost
  • To introduce sophisticated processes through Internationally recognized training programs at an affordable cost

It met these objectives by facilitating 7 training programs in collaboration with FITIS, under the following subject areas during the year 2014.

  • Big Data and Hadoop (19th & 20th , 21st & 22nd August) (02 sessions) – 43 trainees.
  • Hybrid Mobile application development (13th, 14th, 15th, 16th, 17th and 18th October) (02 sessions) – 52 trainees
  • Inventing, Innovating and Patenting (10th and 11th Nov) – 26 trainees
  • Writing and Generating Patents (12th and 13th, 14th and 15th Nov) –  38 trainees
  • Technical Writing Skills training (10th, 11th and 12th Dec) – 27 trainees
  • Presentation Skills training (11th and 12th, 15th and 16th December)  (2 sessions) –  50 trainees
  •  COMPTIA cloud essentials (19th and 20th, 22nd and 23rd December)  – 52 trainees

The 288 professionals trained belong to 50+ companies.

The feedback received from the trainees have been very positive.

Big Data & Hadoop

“Excellent Trainer and very useful course material. very helpful for my future career.” – Associate Software Engineer, Epic Lanka

“Good program for 2 days. covered a lot of useful areas.” – CTO, Agaya Holdings

 “An engineering concept for Sri Lanka and though i have heard of the name of the concept the capabilities and the breadth of the concept is amazing . it is a pleasure to be part of the training” – Asst. Manager, zMessenger pvt Ltd


Hybrid Mobile Application development

“Great program!” – CEO, Bhasha Lanka (Pvt) Ltd

“Very practical way… Great job keep it up , Thank you all”- CEO, At e Soft Computer Systems (pvt) ltd

“An invaluable training session in terms of topics and technologies.”-  Associate Software Engineer, Epic Lanka Group


Technical Presentation Skills

“It was a very good training. I have learnt the do’s and dont’s to be consider when preparing and doing a presentation. And most importantly, how to do a presentation in-front of a crowd without getting nervous. Activities we had during these two day session gave a lot of practical experience” – Lead QA Engineer, Ambiq Technologies

“This was a very valuable training for me in terms of developing my presentation skills. It will definitely help me in many ways before I prepare for a presentation. Lecturer was very helpful and also very enthusiastic person with proper skills. There are things I learnt from the way she present.” – Business Development Executive, InfoMate Pvt Ltd


Technical Writing

“Thanks for conducting the workshop. Totally worth it.” –  Business Analyst, SimCentric Technologies Pvt Ltd

“As you can see I have given highest marks/ratings for every question in this questionnaire. It’s not because I haven’t read it and therefore blindly giving maximum to everything. It’s simply because that the session, the trainer, Mr. Kumar, the things he shared were excellent, therefore he deserve this kind of a rating. Glad I attend this workshop.” – Business Solution Engineer, Emagine IT

“Shravan is a very knowledgeable trainer and the training sessions were very good” – Technical Writer, Codegen International