In 2009, a small group of tech entrepreneurs from Hong Kong took over the assets of an innovative NFC solutions company, and founded what is known today as Silverleap Technology. The objective was to design and build a cost effective and easily deployed highly secure advanced contactless payment solution.
With their headquarters and innovation center in Hong Kong, Silverleap Technology offers NFC & Contactless payment solutions incorporating the latest technologies and proprietary patent pending security infrastructures to ensure an exceptionally high level of security.

Year of Incorporation 2009
Vertical Focuses Mobile,Transport, Access-control, Micro-payment
Horizontal Focuses wide range of POS for secure transaction acquiring, plus HCE virtual NFC cards and remote top-up

Silverleap: JUICE
Patent-pending secure card top-up using NFC phones.Top-up of existing cards in the field using an NFC phone with complete peace of mind.
Silverleap: ZAP
Mobile SIM Card Emulation with NFC Multi-protocol HCE based contactless card emulation, using state-of-the art security mechanisms, with or without secure elements.
Silverleap: TRAQ
Full suite of integrated back office acceptance solutions. eWallet, payment gateway integration, micro-payments, identity management. Work-stand alone or to augment existing systems.

Current Markets Served Asia, the Middle East and Africa
Awards & Accreditations

Smart Card awards Asia – 2016 Winner best BtC payment application
National Best Quality ICT Awards - 2015 - Winer for R&D - Bronze 2016 -Winer for R&D - Bronze
Sesame Awards 2015
Transport ticking using Host Card Emulation in Malaysia

Flagship Clients

Dubai - RTA
Philippines - AF Payments , Accucom , PaperStone Ethiopia - Kifia
Sri Lanka - Dialog , HNB

Dhushy Thillaivasan Founder / Chief Operating Officer 94777784498